Thursday, 1 January 2015

Nothing Ever Ends

There was an old man, in Northern part of America, with his hands pressed against his chest, with pain racing all over his body. He struggled for more than half an hour, with none of his family members beside, for he was a loner. The pain was chronic and intolerable as the last moment arrived, the God of death was smiling at him. His time had come. A nanosecond before his death, he returned his smile and left with the God of Death, leaving his body behind.

In the other side of the world, in southern India, a lady was struggling to give birth, crying in agony, undergoing excruciating pain, pushing her stomach with her hands for her long-yearned child to finally see the world. 

Death said to the old man, or more precisely the soul of the old man, for the soul is formless, ". The life which you lead over there was pointless, with all your immediate family gone" He pointed his hands to the woman and continued "the lady who is about to give birth to the child, is your wife who died 28 years ago. In this life, you'll be her son. You see, you don't really lose your family members. Everyone who had loved you in your past life will continue to love you in this life as well, in very many different forms. You will never remember your past life, and I'll not reveal about your life which you're going to lead from the next few minutes, for you'll lose the thrill and suspense. Embrace it, endure it. It'll be long before we meet again." and flew away.

That was when two cries were heard in the hospital ward. 

Nothing ever ends; it's just a new beginning.

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